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Getting Your Business Started with Social Media

Change of subject folks! Since we tend to talk a lot about photography techniques and our latest projects and events, we decided to shift gears and focus on something a little more supplemental to the whole marketing process — SOCIAL MEDIA!


So how can you focus on getting your business started with social media? By following these simple steps.

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Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah in Princeton, NJ

So much love and so many feels at this amazing bat mitzvah! I’ve never seen so many grown men tear up, but then again, I’m convinced that’s what daughters are for!


The Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Poller was a spectacular day of celebrating a fantastic young woman, and we were privileged enough to be along for the ride.

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Rustic Wedding in Parishville, New York

When an old friend from high school asked if we’d make a trip to take pictures of her rustic wedding in Parishville, New York this past October, we jumped at the opportunity. Besides, there’s nothing better than seeing old friends and shooting an event you truly care about and want to witness.

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Post-Production: Photo Editing Hacks

Behind the vast majority of today’s great digital photos there is also great editing. Whether it’s as simple as cropping to shift the focus of the image or adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and other details, the editing process can be time-consuming and intense for photographers.


However, this process is also what can take average photos and turn them into stunning ones… That is, if you’ve got the right tools and you know what to do with them.


Which is exactly why we’ve put together a list of top 10 photo editing hacks for your perusal!

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NMPS Clinic at Free Spirit Farm

Hey there!

edit-IMG_5594-v2Over the weekend we stopped by the National Mounted Police Services De-Spooking Clinic at Free Spirit Farm. What a cool experience! Police cars buzzing around horses, fire, sirens, smoke bombs… All of that scares ME, let alone an animal that has no idea what all that stuff is.

These guys were on their horses for two whole days in some of the nastiest weather Hurricane Joaquin threw our direction in New Jersey. HUGE congrats to everyone for sticking through this one! You guys rock!

Enjoy these photos and in case you haven’t already, please LIKE 11B Media on Facebook just by clicking here… You can also find this entire album HERE on Flickr, which might be an easier place to download them from if you’d like!

As always, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or problems.

Have a great week everyone,


National Mounted Police Services Clinic

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